Aubergine Abundance

My latest article on thisNZlife on how to use your eggplant (aubergine) haul. Just remember to cook them thoroughly to get everyone loving them! Pinar's Turkish Stack

Lazy-person's Passata

It's that time of year again. We are harvesting masses of tomatoes from the garden and cannot keep up, so it is time to make some passata to have in the store cupboard for pasta, pizzas, stews and soups all year long.Harvest Harvest Now I will admit I am a lazy cook. I am too impatient to spend...

Nostalgic Apricots

My latest article in thisNZlife is all about the apricot recipes from my childhood. Hot summer evenings spent sitting in the shade of the apricot tree, eating its bounty thisNZlife article on apricots

Carrot Top Tips

Do you cut the green tops off your bunches of carrots, and throw them away? Here's some ideas on how to eat them, not waste them. They are healthy and delicious. Bugs Bunny move over! This is a shortened version of an article on carrots in Lifestyle Block Magazine.

Amazing Asparagus

This article appeared in Lifestyle Block magazine and on thisNZlife. In it I give about 37 ideas for cooking (or using raw) asparagus. More than enough for every day of the month. And why wouldn't you when it is so delicious, in-season and good for you.

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

We sold these preserved lemons at Ground Culinary Centre in Lyttelton, as well as using the rind in lots of our dishes. The Moroccan flavours add to the zing. This article on thisNZlife first appeared in Lifestyle Block Magazine article

Cauliflower Cuisine

Cauliflower is so versatile. Grab some ideas from my article that appeared in Lifestyle Block Magazine and on thisNZlife

Healthiest and Simplest Chilli Sauce

Simple_Chilli_Sauce Chillies are so good for you. Did you know that if you had a little chilli sauce each day it helps reduce insulin spikes after meals- so great for diabetics. Plus it acts as a pain reliever. Team it up with health-giving garlic, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon- which have great e...