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I trained in linguistics and psychology and taught English as a Second language for a number of years in Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul and Tianjin, China.   I have fond memories of ...

Exciting and Exotic Recipes

See our recipes section for exciting ideas brought to you by Jenny with uses of her Ground Spice Blends in exotic but simple dishes.

Upcoming Cooking Classes

The Lonely Planet Guide 2011 named Banks Peninsula and Ground Culinary Centre as one of the top ten destinations for cooking classes in the world!!! Since the 2011 earthquake and the loss ...

Recipes of the Month

The Underground Pear

While staying in the Hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia, I visited 3 ...

Korean Fireflies

Finding the real Korea When travelling in a foreign country you probably ...

Salmon, Soba and Spice

Kiwi, Korean and Japanese influences all paid a part in the creating ...

Latest News

From the Streets of Asia to the Louisiana Bayou

Ground’s Global Dinner Classes for this year are underway. Sunday March 12th: Asian Street Food. Experience the delights of Asian Street Food. Quick and easy and packed with flavour. A sample of Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian and Chinese street foods that are firm favourites. Sunday April 30th: Morocco vs Tunisia. When is a tagine NOT a […]

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The Mystery and Intrigue of Persian Cuisine

Ground’s final Global Dinner Class for 2016 is the Mystery and Intrigue of Persian Cuisine. Come and discover the wonderful ingredients that originated from this historical region. Learn the unusual techniques and dishes that come from this cuisine. Delicious, unusual but easy to cook. And one of the most hospitable cultures in the Middle East. […]

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Winter Spice Class

The next two cooking class themes have been set. They are in July and September because I am in Australia in June and in the U.S. in August. Sunday July 31st: 3pm start. Winter Spice. Wake up those jaded winter palates with easy dishes that use spices to create something special. Gain an understanding of different […]

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Monkeying with Food

The year of the Monkey has just begun in the lunar calendar. Often called Chinese New Year, it is also celebrated by other Asian countries to various degrees. I have been lucky enough to have been living in China and Korea at different times, and have celebrated this amazing holiday in both cultures. There is […]

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From the Med to Burma, Louisiana to Korea

The next 4 cooking classes have been set. Our style of classes for 2016 is focusing on a theme or region of cuisine for the night. You will cook 3 or 4 courses in either a hands-on or passive role, whichever you feel most comfortable with, eating each course with matching wines. During the course of […]

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Fermentation Bug

I know that fermented food is good for you. It is all the rage from kombucha to kimchi, sauerkraut to sourdough, kefir to kashk. People have got the fermentation bug. I absolutely hate sauerkraut, but adore kimchi. Go figure; both are variations on fermented cabbage. I guess I need that chilli hit. I also really […]

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Curry leaf Abundance

Having bought a packet of fresh curry leaves from my local Indian supermarket, I was determined not to waste any. You can’t get fresh ones all the time (usually only dried) so I wanted to make the most of them. Curry leaves do not taste like curry. They are called curry leaves because they are […]

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Middle Eastern Medley or Korean- more than just Kimchi

The final two Global Dinner Cooking Classes for 2015 have been set. On Sunday November 29th we have our Middle Eastern Medley featuring dishes from Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Lebanon. A feast for the senses. On Sunday December 13th we will be cooking Korean cuisine. A bit of an unknown for many people, this exciting […]

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Tomato Blush Salt

I was given a box of tomatoes by my friendly herb dealer. They were the last of the season (in the middle of winter mind you) and as such were a bit mushy. A friend lent me her tomato press so that I could make passata with them. This machine takes the whole tomato in […]

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Gokpinar Manti

Whenever we have a good length of time in a foreign country, we hire a rental car and just go where the moment takes us. We’re notoriously lax at planning in advance so, using local maps, a Tom-Tom or our phones, we often head out without bookings or a plan and just trust in following […]

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