About Me

At home with Tui

I’m a linguist by profession. During my academic career, I was lucky enough to spend many years living in other countries and travelling the world teaching people English and training teachers of English language. Through my students and colleagues I developed a love of other cultures and their cuisines – the wonderfully diverse ingredients, recipes, food histories, family meals, gardens and markets. Culture, Food and Language are all intertwined; to understand one you need to understand the others. These three things are the essential ingredients in the food businesses that I established: Ground Gourmet Essentials , Ground Culinary Centre and Ground Food Tours. I love to share my passion for Culture, Food and Language through cooking classes, culinary tours, writing and research, and in my own cooking.


I live and work in Lyttelton with my partner, Graeme, 5 beautiful, productive Australorp chickens, 2 adorable but mischievous cats, 2 friendly, fun-filled KuneKune pigs and my constant companion and devoted food-tester - Tui, the black Lab/Border Collie cross.

When I’m not travelling, I live in an old, character-filled house that has 360 degree views of Lyttelton Harbour and the Port Hills and a very dis-organised but productive garden.