Archive | February, 2016

Monkeying with Food

The year of the Monkey has just begun in the lunar calendar. Often called Chinese New Year, it is also celebrated by other Asian countries to various degrees. I have been lucky enough to have been living in China and Korea at different times, and have celebrated this amazing holiday in both cultures. There is […]

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From the Med to Burma, Louisiana to Korea

The next 4 cooking classes have been set. Our style of classes for 2016 is focusing on a theme or region of cuisine for the night. You will cook 3 or 4 courses in either a hands-on or passive role, whichever you feel most comfortable with, eating each course with matching wines. During the course of […]

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Fermentation Bug

I know that fermented food is good for you. It is all the rage from kombucha to kimchi, sauerkraut to sourdough, kefir to kashk. People have got the fermentation bug. I absolutely hate sauerkraut, but adore kimchi. Go figure; both are variations on fermented cabbage. I guess I need that chilli hit. I also really […]

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