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Nutritious and Delicious, but a dog’s breakfast!

  I started feeding my Border-Collie/Labrador cross  home-made food a year ago. The lab in her wins out too often and she gets too fat on commercial food. I wanted food that wasn’t full of fillers and additives, or suspect ingredients. She is not allergic to any foods that I know of, but I wanted […]

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Cardamom Confusion

I have a recipe asking for Black Cardamom. Is that the same as Green? Can I use them interchangeably? In a word; NO! Most recipes calling for cardamom mean the fragrant green cardamom. Black cardamom is much stronger and smokier. Although they are related, they have completely different appearances and flavours. Green cardamom is a […]

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2015 Global Dinner Classes: from Lebanon to Pepper

This year’s dinner classes include some beauties! The first 3 month’s dates have been set. Sunday February 15th: 3pm start   Vietnam & Malaysia. A look at these two South East Asian countries with very different cuisines. Different ingredients, cooking techniques and tastes. Try your hand at making Otak Otak and savour delicious bun cha on the […]

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